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Technical information 

Before selecting product(s)

There are safety precautions against use of our products.
Read through before you select our product(s).

Safety precautions

Use our products properly with understanding of below precautions.


Death or serious injury may occur if you use our product(s) disregarding this sign in the catalog and instruction manuals. 



Contact us for applications where safety is required such as for medical institutions, beverages, food, vehicles, etc.)

Accidents may occur from inappropriate materials, functions, or operating conditions.

Operating condisitons such as withstand pressure/temperature, fluid used, etc.) vary by a product; therefore consider using different models when changing the conditions.

Using your products under unspecified conditions may result in bad performance and product damage.

Always install horizontally or vertically, and having impact on your products are not allowed after installed.

Flow rate/volume is not accurate when installed in a tilted position and exposed to vibrations.

Do not use our products in explosive gas atmosphere.

Failure to do so may cause explosion disaster.

Do not allow foreign objects to enter fluid used

Flowing fluid with foreign objects may affect devices used; therefore install filter(s) upstream of the flow meter, if anticipated.

We are not resposible for any case in which our products are not properly used ignoring these safety precautions.

Read this page for you to use our products properly.


Some of our products are subject to row of 1-15 (List Control) of the Appended Table 1 of the Export Order. In the case of such product(s), export permission from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is required, and use of the product(s) for purposes other than those permitted is prohibited.

Even non List Control products are subject to row 16 (Catch-all Control) of the Appended Table 1 of the Export Order.  Thus, in case that there are concerns that the products may be used for mass-destruction and conventional weapons, or for development purposes, export permission from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is required.

Revision of JIS

All products manufactured and sold in Japan must display the JIS symbol. Products that do not need the JIS symbol are exempted. Variable-area flow meters are specified in JIS B 7551. Products such as mass flow meters are not specified in JIS, but methods of flow measurement and test procedure are specified in JIS, conforming the JIS number.