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Warranty period and scope

We warrant our products for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery made to your designated location in Japan. (Note: The warranty period will commence from the month following the month in which the delivery is made.) Repaired products are covered by warranty for six (6) months, or the remainder of the original product warranty, whichever is longer. Replacement components are also covered by warranty for six (6) months.
We will repair or replace products and components at no charge in the event that product/component failures attributable to us occur during the warranty period. However, the following cases are not covered by warranty.

    1. Failure resulting from inappropriate handling or use by the user
    2. Failure resulting from factors other than the delivered products
    3. Failure resulting from alternation, disassembly, or repairs made by any party other than Toflo or our agents
    4. Failure resulting from use outside the specified use
    5. Failure resulting from natural disasters and other events for which Toflo is not responsible.

The warranty described herein covers delivered products only; it does not cover any damage caused by failure of the delivered products.


The price of the delivered products does not include service costs such as dispatching engineers.
Respective fees will be charged in the following cases.

    1. On-site installation instructions and on-site witness for trial runs
    2. Recalibration, reprogram and repair
    3. Technical guidance and training

The specifications and dimensions of each product are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.