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Technical information 

Technical data

Please use this data in selecting product(s).


● Correction for variable-area flow meter

・Correction formula for gas

・Correction formula for liquid


● Units indicated in the catalog

● Scale of variable-area flow meter

● How to read flow rate on variable-area flow meter


● Atmospheric pressure (1atm) and gauge pressure

● Needle valve installed on flow meter

● Alarm types for variable-area flow meter

・Reed switch type

・Magnetic switch type

・Proximity sensor type

・Photo electric sensor type


● Alarm tripping range and hysterisis width of reed and magnetic switch 

・Alarm tripping range

・Hysterisis width of reed switch

● General usage of photo electric sensor

● Product environmental compliance


● Turbine/Paddle-wheel flow meter

・Pulse constant and frequency value of turbine/paddle-wheel flow meter

・Conversion formula of pulse constant and frequency value

● Alarm output of Digital display/Converter

・Alarm output timing setting

・Alarm trip point setting

・Delay output setting

・Hysterisis width setting

・Reset setting