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Flow control valve

The unique valve structure and high performance A/D converter incorporated into this valve offer high precise control with high resolution. Since this product is grease-free, it will meet the needs in a wide range of areas.

Flow controller

This stepper motor-incorporated flow controller is suitable for applications that require to supply stable flow in an operating condition that inlet pressure fluctuates, or flow rates should be automatically changed according to different operating programs. 


This piping system provides freedom of design and allows you to build however you want by using the unique components made for this manifold.

Vortex flow meter

This flow meter utilizes the fact that the number of vorticies formed after passing the bluff body is directly proportional to the volumetric flow rate. The simple structure leads to high durability and low price.

Turbine / Paddle wheel flow meter

The rotation of the turbine can be visually seen in almost all of the models. In the event of the flow path clogged, some models can be maintained by simply removing the caps. 

Differential pressure flow meter

Flow can be measured by measuring the differential pressure proportional to flow rate. The large flow gauge is available for local monitoring. 

Bypass flow meter

Flow can be meaured by measuring the split flow of the bypass line. The scale unit can be maintained without removing from the body unit.

Variable-area flow meter

Flow rates can be viasually confirmed by reading the scale on the tapered tube made out of glass or plastic. We have a wide lineup of the compact type flow meters that can be installed on equipment.

Flow switch

Compact and low-cost flow switches are available, which cover low to medium flow. The alarm can be tripped with the reed switch, and trip points are user-selectable.

Sight flow

If you just want to know whether or not the fluid is flowing, or want to confirm flow rates rougly, this low-cost and compact sight flow would the best solution for such needs.

Electromagnetic flow meter

Flow can be measured by measuring the velocity of conductive liquids moving through pipes. There are no moving parts in the flow path, resulting in almost no pressure drop and high durability.

Coriolis flow meter

The compact design allows for easy installation and handling. Ultra low flow of mold release agents, oils and chemicals can be easily measured.