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Management philosphy / Greeting from President

Management philosphy

Being neat and clean, and yet making efforts to be a all sincerity
To continue to be creative and correspond to the changes
To thrive on all together and contribute to society

Greeting from President

Ryuichiro Tabata

For over 40 years, we have met diversifying customer needs by mainly supplying flow measurement and flow-related products as well as environmentally friendly products since we were founded in 1973 as “Tokyo Flow Meter Laboratory”. We actively started promoting our products globally in 2002 and launched our brand “TOFCO” based on our 3 major business pillars of < FLOW >< HEX >< ECO > in January 2004. Since “TOFCO” reflects our unshaken determination to aim for "Total Flow Consultant", we changed our company name to "TOFLO Corporation" in September 2004. We believe that proposing the best solution to our customers making the most of our high-quality product lineup and know-how that we have accumulated up to today is our way of life.