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This flow controller was developed for the purpose of controlling ultra low flow. It features a variety of functions such as displaying instantaneous flow rates and generating an analog output signal.

Flow control valve

The valve position of this product is determined by receiving an analog input signal or a communicartion signal of the current flow rate from an flow meter. It is suitable for the control of flow rates of chemicals and DI water on semiconductor equipment.

Ultrasonic flow meter

The ultrasonic flow meter is used to measure flow of ultra-pure water and high-purity chemicals used in a semiconductor cleaning process. The body is made out of PFA, which is resistant to strong acids and alkalis.

Vortex flow meter

This flow meter utilizes the fact that the number of vorticies formed after passing the bluff body into the flow path is directly proportional to the volumetric flow rate. The simple structure leads to high durability and low price.

Paddle wheel flow meter

Flow is measured by the rotation of the paddle wheel made out of PFA. It is releatively reasonable because of the simple measurement principle. 

Variable-area flow meter

All plastic variable-area flow meters such as PFA/PVC are available for applications using strong acids and alkalis.