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Safety precautions

  • Please read carefully and use products according to instructions.
  • The symbols used with regard to safety precautions in this catalogue are indicated below. Please read the text thoroughly and act according to instructions contained therewith in.

  • WarningWarning
  • This is the safety-alert symbol which indicates a potential cause of serious injury or death.

Warning Warning

If the products are to be applied in devices requiring special safety precautions(e.g. medical equipment, food and beverage equipment, vehicles etc.), please contact us at the Sales Office, TOFLO CORPORATION CO., LTD. with your specifications.

  • Accidents may be caused by inappropriate usage, operationg conditions and materials.

Do not use products for purposes other than which they have been expressly designed for. Use it in the environment where condensation of humidity and freezing of the fluid will not occur.

  • If used in ways other than those specified, damage may result.

Be careful to install the products vertically or horizontally and to avoid impact shock after installation. Do not give any abrupt pressure and temperature change caused by from impact shock.

  • Slant and impact shock may result in deterioration of the flow accuracy and damage to the product.

Never use the metering device in an atmosphere of explosive gas.

  • if used in an atmosphere of explosive gas,it may cause an explosion.

Avoid mixing foreign matter into the fluid.

  • If foreign matter is introduced into the device, it may become unstable in operation. If there is a possibility of foreign matter entering the device, it is recommended to place the filter at the primary side of the flowmeter.

We are not liable for improper use or abuse of the device due to neglect of safety instructions.

  • Please use properly after having read the above safety instructions.

Concerning the revision of the JIS standard

  • The JIS mark must be put on products which are sold in japan. It is, however, excluded from products deemed not necessary to mark.
  • The variable area flowmeter is under the terms of JIS-Z-8761, but the mass flowmeter is not provided for in the JIS standard. The flow measurement and the testing method of the instrumental error conform to the JIS number, as they are provided for in the JIS standard.

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