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Flowmeter For WATER

Flow Controller

FLC600 Series



Selection of optional display can be mounted at your control panel if required. Find option


Flow Control Valve

  • A controller constructed small and light with internal flow sensor for use in flow control of cooling water.
  • A highly reliable stepping motor is used to enhance duarability and response.
  • No oil specification


  • Corresponds to flow controls and temperature controls.
  • In addtion to an abundant function for input/outoput, made as small and light, it is offered at low price.
  • PID control employed
  • All the setting can be operated by the button operation.
  • External setting of flowrate can be made by analog signal.


  • Water


  • Constant delivery and control of the cutting water/machining oil
  • Precise temperature adjustment of molding
  • Dilution of certain amount of fluid
  • Precise control of the cooling water

Measuring range/Pipe size

Control flow range Pipe size
0.5 ~ 5L/min Rc1/4,Rc3/8,Rc1/2,R1/2
1 ~ 10L/min Rc3/8,Rc1/2,R1/2
2 ~ 20L/min Rc1/2,R1/2


Fluids Water
Input Pulse input
Analog input
(1 point)
4-20mA option : 0-5V/1-5V
Preset input
Output form Analog output
(1 point)
4-20mA option : 0-5V/1-5V
Alarm output Relay output(2 point) : DC35V 0.1A MAX
Operaing power supply DC24V Less than MAX450mA
Mtl. for wetted part POM,PPS,SCS14

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Information in this document was correct at the time of printing; however, specifications are subject to change as Toflo Corporation’s continuous improvement processes establish new capabilities.