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Flowmeter For WATER

Fin Flow

FF-S Series





RA typeRA typePB typePB type

  • Hall element pulse output type.
  • Optional digital meter can be integrated.


  • Water

Measuring range/Pipe size

Measuring range Pipe size
5 ~ 30L/min Rc1/2 or Rc3/4
5 ~ 50L/min
10 ~ 100L/min Rc1


Fluids Water
Output accuracy Within ±3% at FS(20℃)
Max operating pressure A type 0.5MPa(G)
B type 1.0MPa(G)
Max operating temperature A type 60℃
B type 100℃
Ambient temperature A type 0 ~ 50℃(No dewing)
B type 80℃(No dewing)
Output NPN open collector
10mA MAX, 0 ~ Approx. 100Hz
Power supply P DC5 ~ 24VApprox. 8mA
R DC12 ~ 24VApprox. 60mA
Cable length 2m

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Information in this document was correct at the time of printing; however, specifications are subject to change as Toflo Corporation’s continuous improvement processes establish new capabilities.